Summary of surveys

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Common name Scientific name Total records On the map
Prickly Stick-insectAcanthoxyla geisovii3
Unarmed Stick-insectAcanthoxyla inermis2
House CricketAcheta domesticus1
Egyptian GrasshopperAnacridium aegyptium6
Corsican Stick-insectBacillus rossius14
Lesser Marsh GrasshopperChorthippus albomarginatus50
Field GrasshopperChorthippus brunneus145
Meadow GrasshopperChorthippus parallelus142
Heath GrasshopperChorthippus vagans5
Long-winged ConeheadConocephalus discolor72
Short-winged ConeheadConocephalus dorsalis44
WartbiterDecticus verrucivorus3
Dusky CockroachEctobius lapponicus6
Tawny CockroachEctobius pallidus9
Lesser CockroachEctobius panzeri13
Common EarwigForficula auricularia31
Lesne's EarwigForficula lesnei6
Rufous GrasshopperGomphocerippus rufus6
Mole CricketGryllotalpa gryllotalpa2
Southern Field CricketGryllus bimaculatus5
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