Day of talks on grasshoppers and crickets

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Bjorn Beckmann
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Day of talks on grasshoppers and crickets

Gomphocerippis rufus sketches by John Walters
Rufous Grasshopper Gomphocerippus rufus sketches by John Walters

Everyone is very welcome to attend the annual "Orthopterists’ Meeting" of the Royal Entomological Society, whether to present research or just to listen and meet others. This year’s meeting will be held in the London Natural History Museum on Wednesday 2nd November 2016, 1:00-5:10pm, followed by drinks and a cold buffet. We are looking forward to a great line-up of talks and displays. We now have sufficient talks, but please email Björn Beckmann at if you would like to bring a poster or display.


Hope to see you there!



1:00       Arrival & tea;  posters & displays

1:30       Welcome
1:40       Louise Dyson (University of Warwick) – How many locusts does it take to make a swarm?
2:00       Hannah ter Hofstede (Dartmouth College, USA) – Imitating bats to startle females: evolution of lebinthine cricket calls
2:30       Julie Sarmiento-Ponce (Univ. Cambridge) – Phonotaxis experiments in crickets: Walking response depends on surface structure of substrate
2:50       Megan Shersby (naturalist and blogger) – Encouraging love for Orthoptera amongst young birders

3:00       Break

3:30       Marion Hall & David Robinson (Open University) – Diet and reproductive success in Speckled Bush-crickets Leptophyes punctatissima
3:50       Rose Poston-Saynor & Karim Vahed (Univ. of Derby) – Surveying one of Britain's rarest crickets, the Scaly Cricket Pseudomogoplistes vicentae
4:10       Ed Baker, Hannah O'Sullivan and Quentin Geissmann (Natural History Museum London) – Towards automated monitoring of Orthoptera
4:30       Roger Hawkins  –  Hear the Birds Again - a hearing aid also for Orthopterists
4:40       John Walters (wildlife artist) – Observing Rufous Grasshoppers Gomphocerippus rufus and recording behaviour through field sketching & video

5:10       Drinks, followed by supper

8:00       Finish


Posters / displays

  • iRecord Grasshoppers app with sound recording and bat detector function  
  • Hear the Birds Again – a hearing aid also for Orthopterists
  • Captive-reared native bush-crickets
  • Display of phasmids
  • new book of French, Belgian and Swiss Orthoptera
  • new book of German and north-Tyrolian Orthoptera



Please register by sending an email to, or by post to Björn Beckmann, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Wallingford OX10 8BB, providing the following details:

  • your first name, surname and institution if applicable (for name badge)
  • title of talk or poster or display, if you would like to present something
  • indicate whether you will be staying for the buffet or not, and any special dietary requirements



  • Either a full price of £14 to include a cold buffet with wine, and tea and biscuits during the afternoon
  • Or a reduced price of £4 to include tea and biscuits only, if you are not staying for the buffet
  • For students and members of the Royal Entomological Society the respective prices are £10 (with buffet) and £0 (without)



  • either send a cheque made payable to the Royal Entomological Society to: Kirsty Whiteford, Royal Entomological Society, The Mansion House, Chiswell Green Lane, St Albans, Herts, AL2 3NS
  • or pay by bank transfer:  Royal Entomological Society, sort code 30-97-25, account number 01921533. Please ensure that you include your name and “Orthoptera SIG” for reference.
  • or pay by card over the phone. Please phone Kirsty on +44 (0)1727 899387. There is a 2% admin charge for credit cards, no charge for debit cards.



The meeting will be held in the Earth Sciences Seminar Room, in the Mineralogy Department in the Natural History Museum London. Come in by the main entrance on Cromwell Road and go to the Admissions Desk immediately on the left, from where you will be collected. (If you enter from Exhibition Road walk through the galleries to the Cromwell Road entrance). Bags are searched when entering the museum so do not carry knives, scissors or similar sharp items as they will be (temporarily) confiscated. When leaving ask Judith or Ed to escort you back into the public galleries. The public galleries close at 6pm. After 6pm we will leave via the basement and the Bronze Gate to Exhibition Road.