Oecanthus dulcisonans in Kephalonia?

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Mark Joseph
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Oecanthus dulcisonans in Kephalonia?

Hi there


Back in August I travelled to Kephalonia.  I immediately became aware of  the tree crickets.  However, on catching a few I noticed that they had different characteristics to the pellucens I am used to.   I recalled that there was a second rarer species in Europe.  Indeed, I believe the common speices in Lassi, Kephalonia are  Oecanthus dulcisonans.

 I can find no record of the species on that island and am aware that the distribution data is incomplete. I have preserved 3 individuals in Ouzo for inspection!   Sadly, my live specimens have since died.


They fly considerably better than O.pellucens (pellucens having more of a leap and hope for the best option, my specimens actively flying across a room and out of the window) and have an almost unbroken stridulation. They appear to have a longer hindwing and bigger generally.  Pls can you advise as to who to send my preserved sample too if needed. 


Many thanks and regards 


Mark Joseph  (mulattokid@aol.com)