Summary of surveys

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Common name Scientific name Total records On the map
Corsican Stick-insectBacillus rossius14
Unarmed Stick-insectAcanthoxyla inermis2
Prickly Stick-insectAcanthoxyla geisovii3
Lesne's EarwigForficula lesnei6
Common EarwigForficula auricularia31
Lesser EarwigLabia minor2
Lesser CockroachEctobius panzeri13
Tawny CockroachEctobius pallidus9
Dusky CockroachEctobius lapponicus6
Surinam CockroachPycnoscelus surinamensis1
Mottled GrasshopperMyrmeleotettix maculatus43
Rufous GrasshopperGomphocerippus rufus6
Lesser Marsh GrasshopperChorthippus albomarginatus50
Meadow GrasshopperChorthippus parallelus142
Heath GrasshopperChorthippus vagans5
Field GrasshopperChorthippus brunneus145
Common Green GrasshopperOmocestus viridulus104
Woodland GrasshopperOmocestus rufipes9
Stripe-winged GrasshopperStenobothrus lineatus18
Large Marsh GrasshopperStethophyma grossum6
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