Summary of surveys

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Common name Scientific name Total records On the map
Roesel's Bush CricketMetrioptera roeselii211
Field GrasshopperChorthippus brunneus145
Dark Bush CricketPholidoptera griseoaptera144
Meadow GrasshopperChorthippus parallelus142
Speckled Bush CricketLeptophyes punctatissima114
Common Green GrasshopperOmocestus viridulus104
Long-winged ConeheadConocephalus discolor72
Great Green Bush CricketTettigonia viridissima65
Oak Bush CricketMeconema thalassinum57
Lesser Marsh GrasshopperChorthippus albomarginatus50
Short-winged ConeheadConocephalus dorsalis44
Mottled GrasshopperMyrmeleotettix maculatus43
Common GroundhopperTetrix undulata34
Common EarwigForficula auricularia31
Slender GroundhopperTetrix subulata31
Southern Oak Bush CricketMeconema meridionale31
Grey Bush CricketPlatycleis albopunctata19
Stripe-winged GrasshopperStenobothrus lineatus18
Bog Bush CricketMetrioptera brachyptera17
Corsican Stick-insectBacillus rossius14
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